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Declaration: e-Bids is the first attempt to merge the benefits of field and laboratory case studies that link the quality of specific building components and systems to measurable financial gains in both quantitative and human performance areas. There is no question that a critical mass of case studies is still needed before definitive conclusions can be drawn. However, when a threshold of five case studies emerged related to a specific building innovation, a decision was made to merge the benefits from these case studies into a single argument for consideration by building decision-makers. In addition to limitations related to the small number of case studies and their confidence ratings (an area that needs significant increase in funding), caution should be taken in translating the conclusions beyond office buildings or across a range of climate conditions without careful building science resolution.

CBPD Team : ABSIC Members :DOE/LBNL Contract Sponsor:Vivian Loftness (PI) , Volker Hartkopf (PhD) , Beran Gurtekin (PhD) , Min Oh , Ying Hua , Ming Qu , Megan Snyder , Yun Gu , Xiaodi YangAstorino , Electiricité de France , Gale Foundation , Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance , Steelcase Inc. , Teknion , United Technologies/Carrier , National Science Foundation , U.S. Department of Defense , U.S. Department of Energy , U.S. General Services Administration , Public Works and Government Services Canada David Hansen , Rob Hitchcock , Maryanne Piette e-Bids is an ongoing research project of the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics at Carnegie Mellon University towards linking productivity, health and environmental cost-benefit case studies with key design guidelines for high performance buildings. With funding from the Advanced Building Systems Integration Consortium and the Department of Energy, the following web-based tool illustrates the power of the arguments to date for daylighting, high performance electric lighting, mixed mode HVAC, commissioning, underfloor air, and cool roofs. This is an ongoing project at Carnegie Mellon University with up-to-date access at http://cbpd.arc.cmu.edu/ebids/